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Hey friends

My name is Larsbo and I am a distinct guppyot ( people might think that I am a fool, i don’t care)

I was born in the year of 1965. My big brother offered me an aquarium in 1971 and of course it contained some guppies.

I have had many different kinds of fish during the years and I have been able to breed on many of them. However, when the breeding is successful I lose the interest because the young become like the parents, the challenge disappear and I am left with my guppies once again.

I have my focus on making my own colour scheme on my fish, the shape comes in second place

I do not keep that much focus on the shapes of the fin. However, I have already finish developed the colours on some of my strains, and therefore I continue to standardise the fins.

Take a look on my website and look at the pretty pictures and go visit my faceboot-site.

Enjoy your exploring.

Best regards Larsbo